SPOTLIGHT by Eugenie

SPOTLIGHT by Eugenie is where we highlight things we are doing, designers that we feature in our boutique, and community members that share our same values.

  • Anjali Purohit, Studio Variously


    Anjali Purohit, Studio Variously


    October 2023


    People Process Planet: Textiles from Women's Hands to Our Homes

    Photography courtesy of Studio Variously

    Textiles are the gentle web of support holding our homes, bodies, and communities together. They have the ability to change our perceptions, sensory experiences, and the stories we carry in and beyond our own lives. After decades of experience working with the transformative power of textiles, Anjali Purohit decided to build a brand that binds culture and craftsmanship together through handmade home goods and accessories; Meet: Studio Variously.

    Purohit is a designer, activist, mother, and first-generation immigrant based out of Eugenie’s home state, Michigan. She grew up immersed in the rich architectural influence of Ahmedabad, India where her affinity for material experience and history was expertly formed and deeply nourished. Her dedication to promoting craftsmanship with integrity took her across the world to multiple countries, where she honed her skills, passion, and commitment to sustainability. She has been a leading voice for ethical production, natural material usage, and the empowerment of women throughout the textile supply chain.

    Today, Purohit lives in Metro-Detroit with her husband and two sons, where she explores what it means to build a life, home, and business that remain rooted in the stories and practices of her heritage. Each collection from Studio Variously embodies a delicate sense of the history, labor, and intentionality that Purohit infuses in every step of the design process. Bringing home one of her pieces is an invitation to slow down and appreciate our own deep interconnection with the many people and plants influencing our lives from across the world.

    Join us in this Spotlight where we interview Purohit herself and dive into the inspirations, hard work, and sustainable visions behind Studio Variously!

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  • Amina Daniels, Live Cycle Delight


    Amina Daniels, Live Cycle Delight


    March 2022


    How Yoga Creates Community

    Photography by Christian Najjar

    Our first Community Spotlight is Amina Daniels from Live Cycle Delight!

    When you meet Amina, you realize right from the start that she is a force. Mind, body, and community is what she stands for. Celebrating their 5 year anniversary of their second location, Live Cycle Delight (LCD) & Live Cycle Delight Hot (LCD Hot), are both located just a short walking distance away from each other in West Village, Detroit.

    When you go to any LCD or LCD Hot class, it is very likely you will see Amina there, in fact, she will probably be taking the class alongside you. She works day in and out to bring her community the best instructors, classes, and atmosphere. During the pandemic, Amina worked tirelessly to make sure her community was able to practice their regular classes in a safe way. She provided online and outdoor classes, and even took her cycling outdoors, leading her classes on bike rides throughout the city of Detroit.

    At Eugenie, we believe it’s just as important to take care of your mind and body as it is to make conscious efforts in understanding how your actions and purchases impact the environment and community, local or otherwise. We appreciate Amina’s inclusive approach to wellness as well as her amazing style and are happy to share with you more about what she does in the conversation that is to follow!

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  • Tracy Reese, Hope For Flowers


    Tracy Reese, Hope For Flowers


    March 2022


    I am so happy to have our first Designer Spotlight be of Tracy Reese, designer and founder of the brand Hope For Flowers! Such a dear friend to Eugenie, let alone such a bright light in the Sustainable Fashion world. We are honored to have her garments in our assortment, and – if I can speak for Detroit – we are so lucky she has decided to move home, bringing her beauty and sparkle to our local fashion scene and community.

    You can feel her passion and her genuine nature when she speaks. If you can’t tell by her words, you can see through her actions that Tracy is as true as it gets. For lack of a better phrase, she is someone who practices what she preaches. On top of all of that, she understands the realities of the fashion industry and the impact on our planet and communities, yet she is optimistic about the future.

    Through this interview you will learn that for Tracy there is a common focus: People. The environment and human rights issues are incredibly important to her, as are the workers making her clothing in the supply chain, the people designing her clothing alongside her at their headquarters, the customer who is purchasing and wearing her clothing, and the community that she is surrounded by.

    Tracy’s background is very versatile when it comes to understanding design, production, and consumer insights. Her designs came from a pure, intrinsic, and creative place. She values art, design, and being inspired by museums and history. She also has a passion for the process of creating a garment, as well as the background and knowledge of the techniques and methods of sewing, so she can speak the same language as her supply chain partners. On top of all of that, she has been able to refine and be intentional in her designs, understanding just who it is she is creating these design for. Answer is: you!

    I can’t even begin to describe how inspiring it is for someone to close their successful fashion line all in the name of people and the planet and to start fresh. It’s a very brave thing to do.

    Tracy was generous enough to let us into her studio and ask her some questions! Hannah Mulligan from Eugenie and photographer Christian Najjar spent an afternoon with her and captured it below. I hope you will enjoy reading this interview, and our first Designer Spotlight!

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  • checking in


    checking in


    Holiday 2021


    Eugenie is checking in. Now shop Eugenie’s downtown pop up The Siren Hotel.

    Starring: @anahing_

    Director: Kevin Steen
    Production: @rathausfilms
    EP: Alexandra Byer
    Cinematographer @taylormcintosh
    Eugenie Brand: @gretchenvalade
    Stylist and Co-Producer: @hannahmulligan
    Co-Producer: Margot Guicheteau
    HMU: @Ghost_Artistry
    PA: @prenstigram
    Props: @detroitpropper
    Receptionist: @thaddeustimothy
    Editor: @Shanepford
    Colorist: @mikeypackge @blacksmithvfx
    Color Assist: @actuallygoodwin
    Location: @sirenhotel

    The Rebels Of Tijuana "Asile"
    Hannah Williams & The Affirmations "Tame in the Water"

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  • Rebecca in New York City


    Rebecca in New York City


    Summer 2021


    The following images were photographed by Christina Stoever in the Summer of 2021.

    Model: Rebecca Hernandez

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  • daydream




    Winter 2021


    Eugenie is our dream...

    More than just a retail store, Eugenie was built to be a space where creatives could collaborate, have conversations, be supported, learn and/or teach, try new things or test out new ideas. A place that is open minded yet with self imposed guidelines - in the best way possible - that allow you to reach, research, and be innovative all while being responsible and sustainable.

    It's a space for designers, artists, style, business, continuous education, inspiration, and most of all, we hope everyone who steps in feels welcomed, comfortable, and enjoys what and who you are surrounded by.

    This is our dream, and it's only just begun.

    We worked with an amazing group of people to bring this magical video to life. Please enjoy <3

    Thank you to everyone involved:

    Featuring: Amanda Sinishtaj

    Directed by: Kevin Steen
    Cinematography: Andrew Amine
    Producer and Styling: Hannah Mulligan
    EP's: Alexandra Byer and Gretchen Valade
    Copywriter: Jeanne Janutol
    The Voice: Hannah Mulligan
    AC: Jonathan Patterson
    Makeup and Hair: Jessica Pudelek
    Edit: Kevin Steen
    Color: Mikey Pehanich
    Props: Detroit Prop Studio

    Music: Babe Rainbow and Sporto Kantes

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  • Spotlight by Eugenie in collaboration with Simone DeSousa Gallery


    Spotlight by Eugenie in collaboration with Simone DeSousa Gallery


    September - November 2020


    In the fall of 2020, we invited our neighbor, Simone DeSousa Gallery, to collaborate on SPOTLIGHT by Eugenie.

    While Eugenie was transitioning into a women’s boutique, SPOTLIGHT by Eugenie was an effort to activate our space and amplify artistic voices. The series was built to honor how the space existed for the past 10 years as a gallery and was intentional to lean into the history of the Cass Corridor neighborhood, celebrating and connecting Detroit’s artists, art, and design.

    For three months, a new artist was featured in the boutique's window each month, starting with Carole Harris followed by Jova Lynne and Tyanna Buie.

    While adapting to current health and safety guidelines, viewers were able enjoy the art display from the patio in front of Eugenie at 444. W. Willis St. Detroit, MI

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