What makes this brand sustainable?

At Eugenie, we do the research to make it easy to find products that you can feel good about purchasing, using, and wearing.

Our team dives deep into the sustainability of each designer we carry so you can be confident that your purchases make a positive impact on the world.

We know sustainability can be a nuanced and complex topic, so we broke it down for you in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

  • Ethical Sourcing

    Anemos’ fabric suppliers are OKEO Step Certified. This certification ensures that the production processes used are environmentally safe and that socially acceptable working conditions are maintained in all production facilities in the textile chain. Each of this brand’s suppliers monitor every stage of production to minimize the use of water, energy, chemicals, and waste.

  • Local Production

    Anemos partners with local, family-run factories in Los Angeles to manufacture swimwear and ready-to-wear products. Local production allows this brand to oversee every stage of their supply chain, monitor the working conditions, and establish strong relationships with their suppliers to ensure ethical practices throughout the production process.