Store Hours

Our store is open Wednesday - Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm, and Sunday 12:00am -5:00pm

We are located in Midtown, Detroit, nestled nicely on the first floor, street entrance of the Willys Overland Lofts building.

Eugenie's Address:

444 W. Willis St. #112
Detroit, MI, 48201


A hidden gem in Detroit’s Midtown - it’s how we like to think of ourselves sometimes.

Our space is special. Really special. For a few reasons big and small, personal and community oriented. Here’s a few of them:

Our building was built in 1912 to be a Willys Overland Jeep showroom. Willys Overland occupied the building until the 1950s. Cars were sold out of the 1st floor and serviced on the upper floors. The building also hosted the 1918 Detroit auto show. We still have the beautiful cement pillars needed to hold the weight of the vehicles, and the cement floors, where if you look close you can see the perfectly imperfect markings from their rich history.

The Eugenie showroom used to be a gallery. The Simone DeSousa Gallery. Simone is a special and dear friend to Eugenie, in fact we launched our space doing an artist collaboration with her: SPOTLIGHT by Eugenie in Collaboration with Simone DeSousa Gallery. The history of the space ties in so deeply with how we think, talk about, and interact with the pieces that are part of the Eugenie curation.

Owners Gretchen Valade and Kevin Steen lived in this building (the loft right above!) when they first moved to Detroit. It is the first home they designed and built out together. They got engaged right in Eugenie’s space, the Simone DeSousa Gallery at the time!

The Willys Overland Lofts have a strong community of sustainability minded residents. There is a sustainability committee, of which Kevin is a member of, which tackles many projects including information sharing, recycling, and they even helped to bring a 94 kilowatt Solar Array (234 panels!) to the Willys Overland Roof, of which Gretchen and Kevin invested in and helped to bring to life, along with other passionate residents in the building. This solar roof co-owned and is one of the largest to exist in the city of Detroit.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our special space!