Eugenie: You have 2 Live Cycle Delight (LCD) studios in Detroit’s West Village. What inspired you to open these two spaces, and why Detroit?

Amina Daniels (Amina): I was inspired to move back to my hometown to be a catalyst of change by creating an oasis of better; a boutique wellness studio that united people in the name of sweat. When I moved back in August of 2013, the downtown/Midtown Detroit area just had a few yoga studios, and a cross fit box. There was an opportunity to create an inclusive studio with more fitness offerings rooted in community in the neighborhoods of Detroit.

Eugenie: How did you come up with the name, Live Cycle Delight?

Amina: When I lived in New York, NYdelight was my podcast persona. While there, I freelanced under Delightful Experiences. Live Cycle Delight was the evolution. I was always passionate about creating an experience that was memorable and delightful. I wanted to give people more than a good wardrobe, event and experience so I shifted to the gift of better by empowering people to be their best self through the Train -Sweat- Restore (TSR) Method. In order to live a more delightful life, people should move, cycle is just one component of movement and our offerings which serves as the face of what we do. In 2014, I planned to open a cycle studio but after a bike accident which allowed me to connect with the residents of Detroit in physical therapy, I realized the need was far greater. In 2015, I layered on functional training and yoga. In 2018 we expanded to LCD Hot to enhance our yoga offerings and add infrared heating panels. In 2020, we added barre. The fitness industry has shifted to become more dynamic by enhancing its offerings by blending fitness disciplines under one roof. LCD was at the forefront of this change.

Eugenie: Alongside your studio, you’re a practicing yogi and even teach some classes at LCD!

Amina: I am a certified fitness instructor with extensiveTRX training, during the pandemic I became trained in Stott Mat Pilates and I have cycle certifications from Real Ryder, Stages and Schwinn. We host NASM approved cycle certification courses. Our next course takes place April 9th.

Eugenie: What piqued your interest in Yoga? How long have you been practicing?

Amina: I discovered Bikram yoga in 2008 after moving to New York and was hooked. I previously practiced yoga with my mother but it was not hot. Not only was it a great way to destress from my hectic NYC life but Bikram was a transformative practice that changed my breathing for the better. I have always struggled with my breathing as a person with asthma. Bikram gave me the pathway to manage my breathing and calm my mind, I haven’t had an asthma attack since.

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Eugenie: You do a lot with your members outside of the 4 walls of your studios. Can you tell us a little bit about how you engage with your members and the Detroit community?

Amina: Community is at the forefront of what we do. In 2015, we started with an introduction to outdoor bike riding series and have grown into a much more; supportive community. I want to continue to create opportunities for people to unite socially in and outside the studio. As someone who has been sober since 2014, I wanted to ensure I created a safe space for people to connect and cultivate meaningful relationships. It’s important for me to continue to create wellness programming that allows people to become better in the community.

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Eugenie: Running a small business is tough - especially through a pandemic! How do you find balance in your life?

Amina: Taking and teaching classes give me the best opportunity to align my mind, sweat out what no longer serves me and restore in a supportive community. The TSR Method at Live Cycle Delight anchors me with breath and movement.

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Eugenie: As a successful female founder, what key pieces of advice do you have to other aspiring female fashion entrepreneurs?

Amina: Have a movement routine, an outlet to let go, a community to lean into and be flexible to perfecting your idea, and adapting to the constant changes. Entrepreneurship is a series of small battles until you evolve to the next level. It requires resilience, determination and fearlessness to navigate the rough patches that will arise. It’s like football, it’s a journey of inches. It takes a lot of work to move the needle a little.

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Eugenie: Lastly, thank you for being a supporter and shopper of Eugenie! What is your favorite item or brand at Eugenie right now?

Amina: For starters, there is always a Mahogany + Amber candle burning in my home. I am a big fan of the Meadows line but I am feeling the overalls, I recently purchased the Meadows overalls and I want the Carhartt WIP overalls. I am also loving Freedom Moses. I will have those in every color.

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