What makes this product sustainable?

At Eugenie, we do the research to make it easy for you to find products that you can feel good about purchasing, using, and wearing.

Each new designer we work with starts with a conversation about sustainability and how it relates to their brand and products.

Sustainability can mean many different things, we tried to break it down for you in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Low Waste

    St. Agni routinely analyzes the demand for their product and adjusts their output accordingly so as to avoid over-production and reduce waste.

  • People

    In order to aid and encourage responsible production from their partners, St. Agni has committed to financially covering 50% of the cost involved in production. They believe focusing on education and development is more sustainable than abandoning production partnerships, and it also gives new responsible factories the opportunity to grow.

  • Natural Materials

    St. Agni prioritizes using natural materials whenever possible, and resorts to using synthetics only when necessary for the integrity of the garment. The primary natural materials used in their product include silk, cotton, wool, TENCEL Lyocell, linen, leather, hemp, and yak.

  • Circularity/People

    St. Agni believes that a key component to sustainability is giving back to the community. In that spirit, St. Agni has partnered with many social organizations including Worn for Good, Thread Together, UN Women, Mettle Women, and more. St. Agni also donates any inventory that has sat in their warehouse for over 300 days.

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